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How to get out of Windows Safe Mode

You boot into Safe Mode to fix things. So itai??i??s not right when Safe Mode ends up being the thing that needs fixing. If your Windows computer insists on booting into Safe Mode, youai??i??ll have to figure out whatai??i??s causing the problem.

What made you go into Safe Mode in the first place? I assume you did it intentionally, but how? If you did it through the System Configuration tool, thatai??i??s your problem.

Press Win + R, type msconfig, and pressAi??Enter.

This opens System Configuration. Select the Boot tab. If the Safe boot option is checked, uncheck it. Then reboot.

0714 system configuration

For future reference, donai??i??t use System Configuration to enter Safe Mode, unless you have reason to reboot multiple times into that environment. (See our instructions for how to properly enter Safe Mode.)

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