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Excel Workbooks: Three-dimensional workbooks and other number-crunching powers

Excel workbooks are the next step after you’ve mastered the single Excel spreadsheet. Going back to the ledger idea we used in our Excel spreadsheets guide, think of the workbook as the ledger (or book), and the spreadsheets as the pages inside that book.

We’ll dive deep into Excel workbooks in this guide, starting with the basics and adding more over timeai??i??so bookmark this page and come back to keep learning more.Ai??

Spreadsheet vs. workbook: How they fit together

Spreadsheets and workbooks are closely related. When you open Excel, the software displays a blank worksheet (called sheet1). If you saved the file right now (with just the one spreadsheet), it would actually be called a Workbookai??i??it’s just a workbook with one page.

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