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Excel Spreadsheets: Navigation, shortcut keys, data sort and filter, formulas and functions

Excel spreadsheets do so much, from making lists to crunching numbers to acting as sophisticated flat-file databases. Weai??i??re creating this guide to make sure you master all the essentials and more.Ai??Weai??i??ll add to this guide over time, so bookmark it and come back to keep learning.

We start with the basics:

How Excel spreadsheets work: The basics

Think of an Excel spreadsheet as an electronic flat-file database modeled after a bookkeeperai??i??s ledger. Excelai??i??s ai???spreadsheetai??? is like the ledgerai??i??s page, and Excelai??i??s ai???workbookai??? grouping of spreadsheets is akin to an entire ledger. The best use of a spreadsheet is to provide users with groups of records that are available on one screen for easier management.

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