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CrashPlan alternatives: What home users can do, from staying put to exploring other services

It’s been a week since CrashPlan decided to call it quits on its personal backup service. But CrashPlan isn’t going awayai??i??it’s just ending a program that probably wasn’t profitable. After the initial shock, home users should realize thereai??i??s absolutely no reason to panicai??i??or even be hasty. The company will keep your data safe for an extra 60 days past the end of your current subscription, and it will keep its servers online until October 23, 2018. But it’s still a good time to figure out your next move, so we’ll walk you through the options.Ai??

CrashPlan option 1: Upgrade to a business plan

You needn’t leave CrashPlan at all if you turn your home plan into a business plan. Just pony up the $10 a month for the small business plan and keep on keepinai??i?? on. The company (Code42) is also offering a 75% discount to users for the first 12 months.

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