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US-based Spintires title set for 2018 release; SpinTires: MudRunner port for Switch confirmed

The United States-focused follow-up to the popular off-road driving game Spintires has been confirmed, ahead of its release before the end of 2018.

Currently known only by its ‘MudRunner: USA’ working title, the upcoming Spintires game has been created in part with North American players in mind. According to the community manager at Spintires:

We understand that a large part of the Spintires: MudRunner community are based in the United States, and would like to support them with content that is a little bit more familiar.

To complement MudRunner: USA’s, location, officially licensed vehicles are currently being considered for the in-development title. Regardless of the licensing situation, it’s expected a variety of appropriate vehicles will be included in the game – ranging from pick-up trucks and Jeep-esque 4x4s, to heavy duty off-road machinery.

In addition to the MudRunner: USA confirmeation, Focus Home Interactive also revealed a Nintendo Switch port of Spintires: MudRunner is also in the works. No other information on the title was disclosed, though (as with MudRunner: USA) additional details are expected How to buy Baclofen without prescription buy baclofen online cheap. Buy Generic Baclofen Online! Without prescription needed. generic Antabuse. to be made in the near future.

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