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Stunt bike racer Urban Trial Playground launching exclusively on Switch

Urban Trial Playground is the latest game in the Urban Trial stunt bike racing series and will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on April 5.

Developed by Teyon, Urban Trial Playground brings players to the very sunny beaches of California where you’ll race bikes on a 2D plane and perform crazy tricks and flips to increase your score multiplier.

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It’s not all about speed though, balance and control play a fundamental role too. Players can utilise Independent front and rear brakes to perform stoppies and front flips along with sliding into ai???huge skid burnsai??? and generally looking cool while you do it.

FreestyleAi??&Ai??TimeAi??Trial modes will include online leaderboards across theAi??50+ game levels. Additionally, Ai??GhostAi??mode is included which will enable you to watch your best runs with the goal of perfecting them by shaving off those precious tenths.

Urban Trial Playground provides you with five bikes which can be customised both visually, and mechanically in key areas including engine and brakes. The racer also features 2-player split screen which is compatible with the Time Trial and Tag modes.Ai??

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