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Project CARS 2: 9 legendary cars & 1 famous race track coming next week

Project CARS 2 will celebrate Porscheai??i??s 70th anniversary in style by adding some very special Porsche content to their racing simulation next week (March 6).

To kick things off, Porsche’s Customer Centre in Leipzig will be coming to Project CARS 2. The 3.7km FIA-certified ai???Porsche On-road Circuitai??i?? designed by famed F1-track designer Hermann Tilke will feature the addition of pit-boxes.

project cars 2 porsche centre

Each of the 10 turns of the circuit mirrors a world-famous venue: The Suzuka S bend, Sebringai??i??s Sunset Bend (where, on the exit, youai??i??ll need a fat dollop of opposite lock), the late-braking test of guts for the Loews-at-Monaco-inspired hairpin, bouncing over the kerbs for the Mobil 1 S bend (a carbon-copy of the NA?rburgring Grand Prix), the suck-in-your-breath speed through the Curve di Lesmo, and the triple-turn Spa-Francorchamps Bus Stop chicaneai??i??all, along with the final Fuji-inspired Suntory bend, provide a serious test of car and driver.

To complement the famous circuit, developer Slightly Mad Studios will also be adding the Porsche Legends Pack which includes the very first road car from the famous German brand, the Porsche 356. Other legendary Porsche cars revealed are their current GT racer ai???2017 Porsche 911 RSRai??i??, the 1972 Porsche 917/10, the 917/10, nick-named the ai???Can-Am Killerai???, and the Porsche 911 RSR 2.8.

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