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Steven Universe Is Getting A New Villain With Hessonite NEWS

Steven Universe: Save the Light, the upcoming RPG sequel based on the show, is adding a new villain to the canon.

Hessonite was created in collaboration with the show’s creator, Rebecca Sugar, who is also heavily involved in the game. Their backstory and motivations are still a mystery ai??i?? you will have to play the game to learn about those ai??i?? but you can learn a little bit about her by checking out the game’s launch trailer below.


Here’s a clip of Hessonite as they appear in the game.


And if you want even more Hessonite, here’s the isolated audio performance of their introductory line, and you can also find some screens and art of Hessonite in the gallery below.


Steven Universe: Save the Light is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 31.

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