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Vermintide 2 pre-orders are open and come with beta access


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Much like the last time around, Vermintide 2 is a co-op game in the Left 4 Dead vein, pitting you and some compatriots against a scabrous horde of ratmen known as the Skaven. This time, though, theyai??i??re joined by the forces of Chaos, making the End Times setting that much more End-Timesy.

Thereai??i??s a new gameplay trailer as well, which you can watch above. Vermintide 2 seems to include more well-lit and open spaces, plus new ways to customize your characters, who now have career paths to specialize in.

Our own Kirk McKeand was impressed by how the sequel has expanded on these heroes, giving them distinct roles within teams that vary up the action over the original game.

Having played a bit of the beta myself, I can say that the new Chaos enemies are good and frightening, with additional special monsters that can really throw a wrench into proceedings if youai??i??re not careful.

If youai??i??ve already bought in, you can also check out Jordanai??i??s guide to Vermintide 2 career paths and perks to help guide you through character builds and loadouts.


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