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Trailer drops for Far Cry 5 short film, coming out Monday


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A live-action short film about Far Cry 5ai??i??s sinister cult and its leader comes out Monday, and Ubisoft have released an announcement trailer. You can check it out above.

You’ll be able to play all of Far Cry 5’s missions with a friend, and here’s our list of the PC’s best co-op games.

The trailer dovetails with the live-action promo for Far Cry 5 Ubisoft released earlier this week – both feature Greg Bryk as Joseph Seed (who he also voices in-game), leader of the Edenai??i??s Gate cult that players will be facing off against when the game comes out March 27.Ai??

The short film, called Inside Edenai??i??s Gate, also features Kyle Gallner, who has appeared in American Sniper and CBGB. A group of vloggers venture to Hope County to investigate reports of missing locals, and wind up running smack-dab into Seed and his merry band of fanatics.

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The film comes out Monday, but the catch is that itai??i??ll be exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video.Ai??


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