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Get a peek at the making of Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak


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Ubisoft has produced a short behind-the-scenes featurette that lifts the curtain a little on the development of Rainbow Six Siegeai??i??s upcoming Outbreak event. In it, developers discuss some of their design decisions and goals for the game.

Here’s everything we know so far about Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak event.

You can check the video out above. There are a bunch of interesting details about what went into Outbreak and its new operators, Finka and Lion. For instance, Lionai??i??s drone ability started as a significantly different idea – kind of a motion-detecting trap that would reveal enemy locations. And Finke’s boost was initially far more powerful, which designer Emilien Lomet explains is part of the fine-tuning process for new operators and abilities.

Siege fans may be most pleased, however, with creative director Xavier Marquisai??i?? remarks – he says they want to keep adding to, and changing, Rainbow Six Siege for five, ten, or fifteen years.

ai???The limit doesnai??i??t exist,ai??? Marquis says.

Outbreak begins March 6 and will run through April 3.


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