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Destiny 2ai??i??s 1.1.4 update will make PvP faster, more “dynamic”


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Bungie provided more details on the upcoming 1.1.4 sandbox update to Destiny 2, discussing how theyai??i??re buffing weapons, abilities, and respawn times to make the PvP side of the game a lot faster.

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Senior crucible designer Kevin Yanes wrote that players have said the PvP tends to feel too slow and complained about the ai???team-shottingai??? phenomenon of teammates staying in a group and picking off roaming players.

Yanes says time to kill isnai??i??t the major problem – Bungieai??i??s feedback, he says, indicates players donai??i??t feel like theyai??i??re getting enough exciting moments out of the Crucible. To help fix this, in 1.1.4 theyai??i??re reducing the timers for respawns and power ammo. And if you die while carrying power ammo, youai??i??ll drop a brick of it for anyone to pick up.

To help manage team-shotting, Bungie are taking the tracker out of Competitive and Trials. Theyai??i??re hoping this will encourage players to communicate more and play less conservatively, trying for more solo flank attacks and not staying grouped up as much.

In PvE, most weapon types are getting buffs to damage and maximum ammo. Exceptions are grenade launchers, which are just getting an increased blast radius, and assault rifles, whose ranges and aim assist stats are getting nerfs. As might be expected, this means several weapon perks are getting adjusted, such as explosive rounds – the damage for this perk is getting reduced to compensate for the concurrent increase in base weapon damage.

Some other notable changes include a rework to Buy Paroxetine online after comparing prices order paroxetine. Order Paroxetine Online. How should I take Paroxetine. Paroxetine is used for treating depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Cheap Paroxetine! Lasix without prescription. class mods in PvP. Update 1.1.4 will hit Hunter Nightstalkersai??i?? smoke ability. Right now, Nightstalkersai??i?? invisibility breaks aim assist and projectile tracking. The update will tie aim assist and projectile tracking to the dodge ability, so theyai??i??ll lock back on as soon as a dodge finishes. However, smoke bomb invisibility and invisibility on dodge will both last one second longer.

Dawnblades are getting some significant buffs, and will be able to throw one additional sword. They wonai??i??t suffer any in-air accuracy penalty while using swift strike, their Icarus dash will cool down faster, and everlasting fire will grant an even longer super duration.

Check out the full list of changes here. Update 1.1.4 is due out March 27.


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