New Screens Show Off Captain Ginyu, Nappa, And Story Details

Bandai Namco offered up a huge collection of Dragon Ball FighterZ screens this morning showing off new characters, online modes, story details, and more. We've divided up the collection images into different sections of the story so follow the links for Captain Ginyu screens, Nappa screens, and story screens. First up, is Cpatain Ginyu. Here […]

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Hands-On With Star Wars Battlefront II's Single-Player Campaign

Few series have lineages as storied as Star Wars, which can be a burden for every new project that attempts to pull from its universe. For decades, Star Wars games have tried to retell the stories from the movies or diversify and explore the outside periphery of the galaxy far, far away. The story campaign […]

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Join The Resistance In The Launch Trailer For Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The launch trailer for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is out, presenting the option "German…or else!" We'll take the latter, thank you very much, and so will many others. The trailer's Nazi killing looks like a fun proposition, and be sure to stick around until the end when Hitler himself presents himself as an attractive […]

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How to remove malware from your Windows PC


Beware the signs of a potentially malware-infested PC: slower-than-usual performance, the recent occurrence of lots of pop-ups, and other weird issues. It’s possible your system has been infected by a virus, spyware, or other nefarious entity—even if you have an antivirus program installed. Yes, out-of-the-ordinary behavior is sometimes the result of hardware issues, but it’s […]

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Excel Spreadsheets: Navigation, shortcut keys, data sort and filter, formulas and functions


Excel spreadsheets do so much, from making lists to crunching numbers to acting as sophisticated flat-file databases. We’re creating this guide to make sure you master all the essentials and more. We’ll add to this guide over time, so bookmark it and come back to keep learning. We start with the basics: How Excel spreadsheets work […]

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How to update your PC's BIOS


A tiny BIOS chip lurks inside every computer, sitting on your motherboard to breathe life into your system when you press the power button. It not only powers your PC, but helps protect it, too—as Duo Security’s recent report on Apple macOS attacks points out  BIOS stands for basic input and output system, and the BIOS chip […]

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How I fixed my Apple Watch Series 3 LTE connectivity problems


If you’re experiencing issues with dropped LTE connections on your Apple Watch Series 3, there’s an easy way to fix it. Source: Free Steam games download

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Easy fixes for six common laptop problems


We live and work in a cold, cruel world where our laptops can take a lot of abuse. Regardless of how gentle we try to be, our notebooks will probably be dropped, spilled upon or worse—sooner, if not later. But if you think that all notebook damage can be repaired only by the manufacturer or […]

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Microsoft Excel: Why your spreadsheet is so slow


When your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet slows to a crawl, you can’t help but notice. It may take longer to open and save your files, longer for Excel to calculate your formulas, and longer for the screen to refresh after entering data, or sorting and formatting the cells. System memory is the other issue that relates […]

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